We are proud to have such fantastic guests booking their sailing holidays with us! Read a selection of their yacht charter reviews below. Please feel free to send us yours if you haven’t had a chance to write it yet! Also on TripAdvisor TripAdvisor

Tink & Andy, UK

Sailing Yacht Nemo

"Dear Sam and Neil, having been full of trepidation having not sailed before, I can not thank you enough for the most amazing introduction to a wonderful way of life and adventure. Nemo is beautiful, comfortable and just gorgeous You made us so welcome and couldn't have been more accommodating. The peace, beauty and solitude of seeing the Tobago Cays, Mayreau, Union Island and Mopion (the umbrella island) virtually deserted in these surreal times has been wonderful for us. We have felt like travellers and not a commodity. But oh so spoilt. Thank you Sam and Neil you are brilliant. Oh, and the food has been second to none. Yumptious breakfasts, lunch and dinners. Sam, you are a star. Willy and Beths’ lobster on the Cays will sit in my memory forever too!"

Leonie, UK

Sailing Yacht Emily Morgan

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’ve learnt so much from you both. I have had an amazing sail and made some incredible memories. I can’t imagine doing this crossing with a better boat or crew. Lots of love to you both xxx."

Peter, Vashti, John & Ellie Herman-Taylor, UK

Sailing Yacht Emily Morgan

"We had a really lovely time. I know a little bit about “customer service” and can tell you Anna and Bones are naturals, it is clear they really enjoy looking after their guests. Nothing was too much trouble, and they really went out of their way to try to ensure we had the best possible holiday. Emily Morgan is a beautiful example of a classically designed sailing yacht. Extremely sturdy and seaworthy, as well as spacious and practical. She provides charterers with lots of space inside and out to lounge and relax, and a great platform to enjoy water sports and generally have fun on the water or ashore. She has been immaculately maintained by A&B, who are clearly very experienced sailors and engineers. We can’t recommend them highly enough."

Duncan, UK

Sailing Yacht Nemo

"What can I say except a big thank you for the best experience I’ve had in the last 10 years. It’s been an adventure holiday and for me personally, an awakening. You gave it your all for me and it's been totally great. Your friend, Duncan."

Rhiain & Ian, UK

Sailing Yacht Emily Morgan

"Seeing the Caribbean with Emily Morgan, Anna & Bones has been a lovely experience. We have been exceptionally well fed and cared for, taken to idyllic places in great style and with the best of hosts. Many thanks."

Martin, Hanna, Agnes & Emily, UK

Sailing Yacht Emily Morgan

"Thank you so much - mountainous St Kitts, lush Antigua, gallic Guadeloupe – what a wonderful trip!!! We’ve had such a fun, exciting and informative time – a big thank you – EMILY MORGAN feels like a home away from home but most of all your warmth and kindness will stay with us forever… but we’ve got a feeling we’ll be seeing you again!!!"

Alex, UK

Sailing Yacht Emily Morgan

"The art of sailing – attention to detail – perfect hospitality – wonderful crew – fair winds – Thx for a wonderful passage from SXM to Horta. Fair winds, wherever you go, Emily, Anna & Bones."

Art and Patti, US

Sailing Yacht Nemo

“It is the last morning of an extraordinary 10 day sail in the Grenadines. From the first evening as we ‘doried’ out of the marina in Grenada while the sun was setting and witnessed the holy green flash - we knew this trip would be special. And indeed it was! A humpback whale sighting, more green flashes, catching a Mahi Mahi under sail, and countless setting suns. Sam, thank you for again, as last year, for getting me to snorkel. Your patience and caring is greatly appreciated. Neil, you are the consummate Captain. I don't think there would ever arise a situation you could not handle. I even felt comfortable enough to take the helm! What a fun, memorable 10 days. I haven't even mentioned the delicious food and laughs we shared. You both make everything look so easy. Nemo has been a wonderful respite from the cold up north and ith as been a joy to see both of you again. “ Patti

“Time to say goodbye for now. I wish you both continued good health and success in this great sailing adventure and whatever lies beyond. Sam - your talents are endless. You astute meteorological prognosis of an approaching wave saved the best snorkelling day at the Tobago Cays. Thank you, Neil, for all the confidence in allowing our helming in some very spirited conditions. After last year, I didn't think you could outdo yourselves again, but you both did Kick It Up again!! Until next time.” Art

Ayman and Maha, US

Sailing Yacht Nemo

"Sam and Neil, we can’t thank you enough for making our second sailing trip to the Grenadines so much fun. We learned how to ‘hoist the main’ and drop the anchor. We ate the most delicious meals prepared by chef Sam and had “sundowners” prepared just in time to watch the green flash at sunset. Most of all we enjoyed your delightful company. We hope to back with our kids one day. Enshalla.”

Susan & Drew, UK

Sailing Yacht Nemo

"Sam and Neil. An A-Z of amazing experiences:

A: Amazing anchorages
B: Bequia and Bowlines
C: Chatham Bay, Conche curry
D: Dorey and double half hitch, diving Pelicans
E: Expresso Martinis, easing out the sails
F: Furling
G: Genoa, Gybe
H: Hairoum beers, Halyard
I: Incompetent crew ?
J: Jumping rays
K: Kayaking
L: Lobster on Petit Bateau
M: Mustique (glad we missed it)
N: Nemo
O: Octopus
P: Painkillers and pina Coladas at Ranch Escapade, paddle boarding
Q: Mr Quality rash vests
R: Rosè and reefs
S: Stargazing, Sausage Bay (aka Cumberland Bay!)
T: Turtle watching in Tobago Cays
U: Underwater adventures
V: Victory bar lunch
W: Will and Bett’s BBQ, winching
X: xtra ordinary experience
Y: Yoga on the paddleboard
Z: Zillions of flying fish"

Lisa, UK

Sailing Yacht Nemo

“Summertime and the living is easy! There are some moments in life that you'll remember forever. This is one of them! Unforgettable everything! Amazing islands; learning and ‘sometimes’ forgetting knots; outstanding food from Sam; just sitting and taking everything in; paddle-boarding in sausage bay!; ‘oh look, there’s a turtle!’ Most of all, I loved the fun, laughter and giggles with very dear friends from the moment we woke up to falling asleep. Sam and Neil, thank you for making this so special. Lots of love always”

Sue, UK

Sailing Yacht Nemo

“Well Neil and Sam, what can I say. This wonderful, amazing trip far exceeded any expectations and I cannot put into words what a fantastic holiday this is. From the amazing food to the knowledge of all the islands, spending time with amazing friends. This holiday will never be forgotten :-) All the laughter and fun we have had.”

Tonie, UK

Sailing Yacht Nemo

"Dearest Sam and Neil, this has been a holiday of a lifetime for me and one I will always remember with great fondness. Incredible experiences and amazing moments with lovely friends and special hosts. You are the best, simply the best!"

Jane and Richard, UK

"Dear Neil and Sam, what a fantastic 7 days with you on Nemo. We learnt how to sail in high seas, saw some amazing places we had never dreamt of visiting. We swam, kayaked and paddle boarded off the boat and even swam with turtles in Tobago Cays and saw dolphins on our first day! What an experience that was made even more special by your 24-hour attention to detail, great cooking and well-selected visits ashore. All the best with your dreams in the Caribbean. Till our next trip. P.S. Thank you to Nemo’s faithful friend ‘Dory’ who followed us all the way and dropped us off at all the islands albeit with the occasional wet bottom!!

Marcy, USA

“I hate to see our trip ending! What an amazing, fun-filled, delicious overeating experience. The attention to the little details really put it over the top for me. I hope this is the first of many sailing adventures with you on Nemo. Cheers!"

Deb & David, UK

Thank you so much for our first sailing adventure. We have felt very safe and very well cared for. You are a great team, and how you support and care for each other is a joy to watch. We were particularly impressed by the way you made sure each member of the group had a really great holiday experience. We were three couples who had never met, from different parts of the world, and with different holiday expectations and sailing experience. Very skilful. If you are considering sailing with Neil and Sam, be assured you will have a great experience. Happy sailing!

“Sam and Neil, we had a fab, brilliant, cracking time with you. Oh, and it was awesome too! A great trip, safe, clean and FUN! The food was also excellent! Fair winds!" Bill & Jackie, USA

Jan and Brian, Canada

“Thank you for providing a wonderful experience. A definite “bucket list adventure”. We appreciate all your hard work and value your experienced sailing knowledge. Thank you and happy sailing!"

Jillian, UK

“I loved being on Nemo with calm Neil and attentive Sam! This is a happy ship. Dreams do come true! My best wishes to you both for all the future sailing plans.”

Peter & Gwen, UK

What a lovely sailing holiday. We really appreciated the determination to get there under sail, as one worry when booking was of motoring with the mainsail up. Not an option for Neil and Sam! We really appreciated the attention to detail and safety boat support when snorkelling. The boat, Nemo, is superbly maintained, spotlessly clean and sails well. Sam is amazing in the food she prepares, excellent breakfast, lunch and dinner even when under sail. Thoroughly recommended if you want to sail and enjoy the Caribbean, we did St Vincent to Grenada over 10 days and enjoyed it all."

Felipe, Chile

"A week of high seas, strong winds, powerful sails, outings that left you wondering, incredible food and better service from Sam and Neil that anybody could expect. An ideal vacation - you get much more than you bargained for. Thanks, Sam and Neil and my fellow crew members.”

Sunghee Sohn, USA

“Thank you for a once-in-a-lifetime experience for this Chicago girl. From unbelievable Caribbean waters, learning to sail (I shall never forget Topping lift, Main sheet and Halyard!), relaxing on Nemo to NYE dancing. Extra thanks to Neil’s infinite patience and repeated sailing lessons during the week and Sam’s scrumptious food. There are too many memories to record, but the competitive round of Farkle, Scottish / German heavy rock lessons and the rum tastings will be some of the highlights of the trip. Thank you again for this unique experience and the great adventures in Caribbean blue waters.”

Don & Shelly, Canada

“Another adventure with culinary delights and a thousand laughs. Thanks again Sam & Neil for a wonderful time!”

Yvonne, Switzerland

“You have taken a great part of the world and made it better. The combination of fun, kindness, delicious food and sailing expertise have made for a memorable holiday. Thank you! !”

Kay, USA

“A great relaxing sail. Beautiful water and islands. Calming, peaceful, contemplative. Sam and Neil the variety of activity options is great and the cooking was wonderful. A very memorable time. Thanks so much."

Kevin, UK

"Thank you for a truly fabulous time aboard your wonderful yacht Nemo. I trust we’ve suitably kicked off your 2019-20 season in style and with a metaphorical Bang #impact! You've both been amazing during our short journey together across St Vincent & The Grenadines, introducing us to all your favourite bays and characters! It is inspiring how you find ways to make a positive impact on each locality with your generosity and hospitality. Whether it was hoisting the mainsail or getting annihilated at Farkle, I have loved every minute. Wishing you continued success with BlueFoot Travel and look forward to watching your escapades on social media as you tear it up and rip it up across the Caribbean.”

David, UK

“Well, what can you say other than Wow! What a fantastic trip. Thank you, Sam and Neil, for giving me the opportunity to revisit a beautiful area that you call home. Thank you, Sam, for adding to my waistline! The food you produce from the galley is amazing. Thank you, Neil, for your training on knots and sailing, it really has made me more keen to find more sailing opportunities. Your knowledge and support of the local communities shows your commitment to promoting the area. I wish you both success and good luck that BlueFoot Travel deserves.“

Carol & Ian, UK

"A huge thank you to both of you for giving us a completely different holiday experience. Your hospitality in all areas has been absolutely perfect and the variety of meals unbelievable. I’ve told Ian not to raise his hopes when we go motor homing! I’ll await the recipes though :-) Thank you for introducing us to all your lovely friends along the way and the BBQ on the beach at Willy’s was so much fun, even the wildlife!!! Sam and Neil, you make a perfect team and the “squall” en-route to Grenada was another amazing experience. Ian and I wish you continued success in your business and fun adventures and look forward to sailing with you again in 2021. We will spread the word and continue to follow.”

Ange and Colin, UK

"Dear Sam, Neil and Nemo. What a fantastic holiday you have given us. We have loved every single minute of it. Your preparation and planning made everything so easy, even down to the introduction of the Stag - A Mans Beer, for our beer expert! We have met some wonderful people along the journey and they all happen to be your friends too. Lovely bays, amazing snorkelling, beautiful beaches and clear, clear water. Sam, you are an amazing cook and both of you superb hosts. Thank you again and we look forward to Antigua in 2021."

Heather, USA

“Dear Sam and Neil, What a life-altering experience! My belly will feel full for months from Sam’s cooking and her ability to create such a perfect culinary experience onboard is remarkable. The hospitality was incredible and it is apparent in the details how much thought and experience has gone into planning. I was in awe the entire trip to know such magnificent places on earth exist in St Vincent & The Grenadines. I hope to return. Neil’s patience and humorous instruction of the sailing was a terrific first exposure to bigger boats for me. This has inspired me to pick away as some sailing education and credentialing. Overall a remarkable trip that I hope to repeat!"

Robin, USA

"Thank you so much, Sam & Neil, for sharing the beauty and charm of St Vincent & The Grenadines whilst on board Nemo. I thoroughly enjoyed myself while partaking of your delightful hospitality. You have both inspired me to get moving more with certain aspects of my life! It was kind of you, Neil, to share your love of sailing with clear and precise instructions and I can only say to you, Sam, that you are an amazing chef and hostess! Words are never enough! It was a great pleasure to meet you both and to sail on Nemo! May fair winds always be available where ever your adventures take you!

Jason & Steph, USA

“Thank you for an amazing vacation sailing from St Lucia to St Vincent and the Grenadines to Grenada. We loved the entire trip. Jason enjoyed his sailing lessons and fishing. Next time he will catch a big fish to fill your freezer! The food aboard was delicious. We enjoyed the new sights around the islands and the snorkelling. Thank you for a wonderful trip and we hope to travel with you again."

Mr & Mrs Astbury, UK

“Wow, what can I say. You both made our wedding day spectacular. We have both enjoyed our time on Nemo. The plentiful amount of such tasty food and booze! Neil your sailing lessons were great and enjoyed. Safety always put first. Thank you both so much.”

Nina, UK

“Dear Neil and Sam, my week sailing in Guadeloupe has flown by and been wonderful. The food and sailing have been fantastic - in particular, the cheese and wine :-) Thank you, Neil, for your help with my sailing - this time next year I may have my day skipper (well theory anyway!). I’ll be in touch to book trip #3!

Andrew, UK

“A wonderful nine days in the BVI. Brilliant meals and hospitality and attention to dietary needs. Great to participate in the sailing. Very capable and relaxed style. Nemo is in excellent condition and well cared for. Lots of interesting stops and anchorages and insights into the local history.”

Hallie, USA

“Neil, Sam, Nemo and Dory! The experience is just what I had hoped for. Plus, taking home the best of memories. I will be dreaming about the ‘Rock and Roll!’. You have done a fine job of taking care of me, I am very grateful. Till then!”

Rebecca, USA

“Sam and Neil, I can’t believe how fast the week went by! You are both such gracious and patient hosts, and your goal of making sure everyone enjoyed their trip was definitely achieved. I learned so much about living aboard a boat and sailing. You knew just the right spots to take us for swimming, snorkelling and time ashore. The meals were fantastic and I am amazed at the creativity that comes out of such a small space! My favourite time was in the evening after dinner, just sitting outside chatting. I’m definitely already planning my next trip aboard Nemo!”

Jeff, USA

“Dear Sam and Neil, I can't thank you enough for your hospitality and attentiveness. To say I enjoyed my week with you aboard Nemo would be an understatement. This vacation was more than I ever imagined and I have you two to thank for it. Sail on!”

Trager Family, USA

“Thank you so much for such a fun trip. I loved how educated you guys were about all the islands. Especially getting to eat lobster! Probably my favourite parts were skim/wakeboarding behind Dorey the dinghy. What an awesome week.” Preston, age 14.

"Thank you so much for the brilliant trip. I had so much fun, especially with scuba diving and skimboarding. Setting the new speed record (21.6 knots!) in Dorey was awesome too! I am so glad my Mom planned this trip.” Grant, age 12.

"Thank you for sharing your home, sailing ship and friendship with us. This has been a dream vacation holiday for me and you have made it effortless, fun, the best ever! We loved your hospitality, amazing/brilliant meals, stories, favourite beach spots and multi-sport activities! Bless you and your journey and Nemo. May we meet again on the high seas or in a beautiful cove! Luv Mari

"Captains! Yo Ho! What an awesome time we had! Thank you so much for sharing your world with us. What a treat! I am confident that we shall cross paths again. Peace and love." Eric.

Art & Patti, USA

“Dear Sam and Neil, Well it is the night before our departure and I can't believe we will be saying goodbye tomorrow :-(. I don't know how to begin to thank you both for such a relaxing and fun 10-days sailing in the BVI. I loved Neil, your calm competence at the helm and just in general. Sam - let us not forget the incredible and bountiful meals you prepared. Really extraordinary, and I’ll be looking for those recipes! And really the two of you are such a fabulous team. This truly has been a voyage I will always remember. Thank you so much, Patti.

Thank you so much for a PERFECT sailing cruise through the BVI’s. Not only was the boat Nemo a fun boat to helm and meals way above and beyond expectations, but you both also made the whole experience comfortable and relaxing and you are a joy to be around. I could go on and on but instead, we will just come back next year! All the best wishes to you both, Art."

Olaf, Marianne, Angelika, Walli and Opa Bert, Germany

“Dear Sam, Dear Neil, 'Günstige Winde kann nur der nutzen, der weiß, whoin er will'. Wir hatten fünf wundervolle Tage an Bord Nemo. Danke für die Segeln Erfahrungen, das super Essen, die behaglich Unterkunft und die liebevolle Betreuung. Es war für uns eine wunderbare und unvergessliche Zeit. ‘Man weiß selten was Glück ist, aber man weiß meistens was Glück war.’."

"Dear Sam, Dear Neil, 'Favourable winds only help those who know where they want to go'. We had five wonderful days aboard Nemo. Thank you for the sailing adventures, the great food, the comfortable accommodation and the loving care. It was a wonderful and unforgettable time for us. 'You rarely know what luck is, but you usually know what luck was.’"

Frances, UK

"Thank you, Sam and Neil, for the 65th birthday present for a keen new sailor that went way beyond my expectations. A warm welcome, superb sailing training, catering and care, terrific sailing experiences, wonderful surprises, magical locations and enormous fun. All in the easy comfort of the good ship Nemo. I can’t recommend you and BlueFoot Travel more highly. I shall enjoy following your adventures when I am back home in Blighty.”

Fabian & Cathy, Canada

Neil and Sam, this was a grand 10-day voyage :-) Cathy and I really enjoyed our introduction to sailing in the Caribbean Sea. Neil, thank you for all the sailing tips, for sharing your knowledge and gentle reminders to "bear away” when I got too close to the wind. Sam, your meals were brilliant :-). Thank you for taking such good care of us and making the experience such a memorable one. We hope to see you both in the future.”

Mike Steele, aka Macho Mike (By Sam), USA

“Another great adventure. I’m a repeat offender, formally 'Mike The Crusher’. We had great meals and awesome winds the whole trip. The Bequia music festival was great to visit too. Big thanks to Sam and Neil for keeping us safe and thanks to a great couple, Harvey and Karen for diving in with all the activities on board.” PS. Check out my can crushing tips video :-)

Harvey & Karen, Canada

“Sam and Neil - Holy Moly!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your home with us! The first thing that became obvious to us as we started the journey was that you both put in 110% in everything you do. It is really inspiring. Wonderful meals, drinks, accommodation, conversation, friendship and learning to sail opportunities. We could say that we can now scratch this off our bucket list, but instead, we will put it back on! Wishing you lots of fun and adventure ahead. We will definitely recommend you highly to our friends, family and travel agent. Will think of you often with fond memories (in-fact every time I tie a sling on I will think of you both - got to love the knot tying skills! Thanks again, and cheers to 'Mike the Crusher' for being such a fab companion from New York.”

Jim & Louise, Canada

"This has been the most memorable holiday we've ever had. Thank you for making one of our dreams come true - we had a “brilliant” time! The sunsets, the dolphins, turtles, pristine waters and the sailing have made for an experience we will treasure. Your hospitality, the food, experience and patient teaching of sailing techniques were much appreciated. Thank you both very much and we would love to sail with you again.”

Tony, USA

“Thanks for making a bucket list item even more exciting than I had hoped. Companionship, hospitality, food and the sailing refresher was BRILLIANT! Thank you."

Debi & Denis, Netherlands

"Thank you so much for two wonderful days and for helping Denis discover the joys of sailing. Sam, your cooking alone is a reason to come back from more. Neil, your patience and chilled teaching style make it fun to learn new things and take the helm. In Dutch they say “kort maar krachtig” which means short but powerful. The trip was great and your hospitality fantastic. We will be in touch and hopefully will be back on Nemo before too long.”

Josh, USA

“Sam and Neil, thank you so much for the trip of a lifetime. Sure the Caribbean is beautiful, but that is really just a great setting for what was an incredible experience. You shared your incredibly well taken care of yacht, your knowledge, enthusiasm, experience in so many different ways, that anyone who is lucky enough to spend time on Nemo, certainly cannot take for granted. You are both excellent teachers, and my time at the helm was thrilling and relaxing at the same time. Sam, your food as always delicious and you made me feel so comfortable with my strange dietary restrictions! Together we discovered that olive oil does indeed come from the noble olive tree! Thank you especially for the tuna meatball recipe which I am excited to eat again and for my new best friend, the Bacon Butty! I hope to return soon.”

Don & Shelly, Canada

"Sam and Neil, Thank you so much for the most excellent adventure! Excellent hospitality, food, sailing, snorkelling, exploring, camaraderie and most of all excellent fun! Our visit was everything we hoped for and so much more! We hope to be able to do it again!"

Rachel, UK

Sailing Yacht Nemo

“This is hands down, the best holiday I’ve ever been on. Everything has been just perfect. Thank you for the hospitality, instruction, patience and laughter. See you again soon!"
Read my blog about the trip here

Cate, USA

“Sam and Neil - Wow! What else can I say?! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! It was a really fantastic trip/adventure - something that I really needed to do for myself. You are both wonderful hosts and I so appreciate the patience in the sailing instruction, the attention to detail for all of your guests and your fun and kind natures. It’s inspiring to see people doing something they love!"

Dawn, USA

“Thank you for the wonderful holiday, complete with relaxation and great food - in particular, the desserts and the banana bread!

Dan, USA

“Thank you, Sam and Neil! I took the ten-day sail from Grenada via the Grenadines and back to Grenada. This was a perfect trip for me. I just wanted to escape and relax and I bookended the trip with several days in Grenada. First I want to say what great travelling partners Neil and Sam have been. Ten days on a boat and they made everyday fun. I appreciated the peace and quiet of a sailing journey. Sam’s cooking is second to none. Please ask to try her quiche - best ever. I have not really sailed before and Neil was kind enough to teach me some techniques and terms. I even got to take the wheel. Snorkelling was great and we even got to see a shark along with many turtles. We anchored in quiet bays and a hopping marina. I got to read a book and just stare at the remarkable watercolours. We visited a few fine restaurants (Lazy Turtle for lionfish was *****). We also hit a few rum bars and met many nice people along the way. A perfect vacation!”

Peter, Germany

“Liebe Sam, Lieber Neil! Für die schöne Zeit mit Euch beiden aufNemo sage ich ein großes DANKESCHÖN. Die tollen Erlebnisse werde ich lange in Erinnerungen schalten. Ich wünsche Euch auf allen weiteren Fahrten alles Gute, und immer genug Wasser unter dem Kiel und Wind in den Segeln."

"A huge thank you for the wonderful time with you both on Nemo. I will remember the great experiences for a long time. I wish you all the best on all further trips, and always enough water under the keel and wind in your sails.”

Regine & Friedrich, Germany.

"Liebe Sam, Lieber Neil, Vielen Dank für eine wunderschöne Zeit bei euch hier an Bord. Es war für uns wieder mal eine ganze neuer Erfahrung auf so einem Boot zu sein und Euch bei der Arbeit zu beobachten. Die Erinnerungen an tolle Segelstunden, Schnorcheln in türkisblauen Wasser mit Fischen und Schildkröten, die Atmosphäre der Karibik zu genießen, wird uns immer bleiben. Wir wünschen Eurch gutes Wetter sum Segeln, immer nette Gäste und weiterhin viel Erfolg auge den Wegen des Meeres. Thanks for everything!"

"Dear Sam, Dear Neil, Thank you very much for a wonderful time with you onboard, it was a whole new experience for us to be on such a boat and to watch you at work. The memories of great sailing hours, snorkelling in turquoise blue waters with fish and turtles, enjoying the atmosphere of the Caribbean, will always stay with us. We wish you great sailing weather, nice guests and continued success in the on the high seas. Thanks for everything!"

Annette, Soren, Anders and Peter, Denmark

"Thank you so much for the most fantastic holiday - from the day you picked us up in Bequia to now in Grenada. It has been everything we dreamed of. Beautiful scenery, wonderful snorkelling, great food and good company. Thank you for showing us all these wonderful places, for letting us try our hand at being sailors and taking care of our every need. We have all learned lots of new things and you’ve both been great teachers as well as companions. It has been great getting to know you and we wish you the best of luck with BlueFoot and Nemo. Thanks again."

Dave & Mandy, UK

“Thanks to Sam and Neil for a fantastic week sailing around St Vincent & The Grenadines. We took in lots of beautiful places (particularly Tobago Cays), saw some fantastic sights and experienced the warmest hospitality aboard Nemo. The fact that we learned some sailing skills in the process was an added bonus! Thank you, Neil, for the great instruction (and for letting me hang over the front of the boat!) and Sam for the great food and bottomless Dark & Stormys! Only had to revert to Plan B once too! Happy sailing and we will be back to join you again next year."

Nina, UK

Thank you both for a fantastic adventure! Each island and bay we visited between St Vincent and St Lucia had its own special beauty. The time flew by and you both went above and beyond when it came to making my trip one to remember. Very appreciated. See you both next year for a French adventure. Oh la la!!

Zane, USA

Just finished a 10 day trip from Martinique to St Vincent and the Grenadines with Sam and Neil. If you love to sail, but don’t want to charter a whole boat, this is a rare opportunity to join a blue water sailing adventure, which includes daytime passages between islands and quiet beautiful anchorages. Maybe you just finished a sailing class and are looking for an adventure to stretch your skills, or maybe you love to sail but your spouse wants a traditional vacation where he/she doesn’t have to contribute to sailing or cooking. This is your chance!

Most “cabin charters” are designed for non-sailors and you aren’t allowed to be actively involved. With Sam and Neil, you will be encouraged to helm the boat, trim the jib, raise the anchor, and be an active member of the crew. I’ve searched far and wide for this type of experience, and I can assure you it is rare.

As an avid sailor I can also say that it is a true pleasure to sail on such a well maintained and lovingly cared for vessel. Yacht Nemo is a 51 foot Dufour that sails well and has generous cabins. The boat is better kept than the boats I’ve chartered with the Moorings.

Another very important consideration is safety. The safety equipment on board is top notch and well maintained, unlike many private boats I’ve seen. Neil is a serious sailor and well trained. I’ve experienced some tricky situations sailing with Neil before on other trips, and I have been duly impressed with his knowledge and skill. He knows how to make tough conditions seem easy.

I really enjoyed getting to know Neil’s new partner Sam and appreciated her constant attention both to the sailing and to the needs of her guests. She is a great cook as well!

You will want to bookmark their website and make plans for their next season. Maybe I’ll meet you on your trip, since I am certain that I will be joining them again next year!

Jeff, Canada

When this western Canadian prairie boy first heeled over at 7 knots with spray in my face and Sam at the helm I knew I was in for a special time! And, as expected, the highlights kept popping…snorkelling through a turtle traffic jam with a ray feeding below us in the cays…jumping around on the dance floor at Basil’s (with Basil!)…the heron alighting with water drops from his wings glistening in the sun as my kayak glided by…safely skirting a squall and catching the edge in a burst of excitement. If you want a sailing adventure that is both exciting and relaxing at the same time, if you want to experience the Caribbean like someone in the know, and if you want to ride the waves on an elegantly simple and beautiful boat, go with Sam and Neil (and Nemo!). I can’t recommend BlueFoot Travel more highly, great value and a great experience! Thank you, and thank you again!

Nicole, Oliver, Doris, Thomas, Switzerland

After our first meeting in the bar in Rodney Bay Marina, St Lucia we four Swiss travellers entered two by two onto Nemo and it was love at first sight. After hoisting the Swiss flag we started our journey towards Grenada. We took in many fabulous islands, swam in turquoise waters filled with turtles and tropical fish, met and danced with lots of friendly locals, visited local bars and ate lobster on the beach! We miss the sailing under Neil's great guidance, super delicious catering par excellence from Sam, the lapping of our beloved Dory behind the boat and your great hospitality. Thank you for a great sailing week!

Sam, UK

Huge thanks for a fabulous trip from Martinique to the Grenadines. It has been so fantastic to get some great sailing in, surround by stunning scenery and sampling delicious food. It’s been a great combination of exploring and chilling. Thanks for your energy and enthusiasm at all times :-).

Midge & Joe, USA

It was a most delightful 10 day trip from Martinique to the Grenadines. We learned a lot, had good conversation, wonderful food and drink. We have memories we will treasure all our lives. Thanks for everything!

Mike, USA

Thank you for a great vacation. I learned a lot about sailing safely in the Caribbean and enjoyed my time on Nemo’s helm. The weather was handpicked for us and the food on board was awesome. Great trip and great times.

Maggie, UK

Don’t close your eyes for a moment when you join Neil and Sam on their lovely yacht ‘Nemo’. If you do, you might miss taking in the amazing colour of the ocean, the changing pattern of the waves or the fascinating wildlife that accompanies the boat as she glides through the water driven by the power of the sails. Under Neil’s expert tuition you can learn how to handle the boat or relax and simply enjoy the experience. Very little comes close to the feeling you get when you first take the wheel and guide Nemo towards her destination, although there is absolutely no pressure to do so if you just want to sit and take in the sun. Anchoring in picturesque bays and going ashore in Dory is great fun – whether exploring the area or eating in one of the beachside restaurants. There are plenty of opportunities to snorkel and the reefs are teeming with mind blowing fish and coral. Turtles, pelicans and flying fish are frequently spotted and, if you’re lucky other, larger, marine life such as dolphins can be seen. On our trip we were accompanied for several miles by a brown booby who flew just a few feet alongside the boat, occasionally dropping down to take a fish that had surfaced in our wake, which was very entertaining. Everyone is well catered for, thanks to Sam’s expert cookery skills and all meals on board are first class. The cabins are extremely comfortable with plenty of space - more like a floating hotel room than a boat, with the added advantage of being gently rocked to sleep every night as you lie at yet another beautiful anchorage. If you like looking at the night sky, then you won’t be disappointed by a heaven crammed with stars and waking early to watch the sunrise is another absolute joy. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a curious first timer, you can’t help but be enchanted by the whole experience and the only thing you’ve got to lose is stress. Try it – it’s good for the soul!

Ann & Hugh, UK

We had a wonderful holiday. Ann was initially a reluctant sailor but Sam, Neil and Nemo turned that all around. Nemo is a lovely comfortable boat kept in perfect condition by Sam and Neil and she was a pleasure to sail. Sam’s food was delicious and Ann was amazed that she cooked such a variety of dishes on a boat! Neil was very patient and helpful in showing me ‘the ropes' and improving my steering. The places we visited and the shore trips (especially at night in Dory when a fish jumped in to join us!) and restaurants they found for us were also great. All in all a wonderful holiday and we can’t wait to try sailing again!

Trokel Family, USA

We can't thank you enough for your hospitality and generosity. What a wonderful sailing vacation with such nice, friendly and warm company. Thank you for making us feel so at home and welcome. We learned a great deal from the two of you. You both have such easy going and natural ways about you. The sailing was spectacular and the food fabulous! Each of the islands were a little different, making each day a new adventure. We loved the snorkelling and Tobago Cays and enjoyed both the dives in Bequia and Carriacou. Sister's Rock and Rose Wreck were amazing. We seriously had an amazing trip! Thank you for everything.

Anja, Heike, Dieter, Gudrun & Heidi, Germany

We spent a wonderful time with you, had lots of fun either sailing, diving, snorkelling, SUBing, canoeing (and life-saving!). We had wonderful food too, Sam you surprised us every day with fabulous meals. Neil thanks for the sailing instruction, the ‘knot-lessons’ and your patience! You both do a wonderful job!! And we love Nemo and Dory!

There is a German Band called Dicke Fishe. One song is ‘Mir get’s gut, Dir get’s gut, Uns get’s gut. We are happy we could stay with you.

Thomas & Sonja, Germany

Liebe Sam und Neil,

Vier tolle Tage geben leider viel zu früh zu Ende. Tolle Inseln, schöne Buchten, die unvergesslichen und unbeschreiblich schönen Tobago Cays. Super segeln, exzellentes Essen und sehr nette und freundliche Gastgeber! Einfach super!

Dear Sam and Neil,

Unfortunately, four great days have come to an end much too soon. Great islands, beautiful bays, the unforgettable and indescribably beautiful Tobago Cays. Great sailing, excellent food and very nice and friendly hosts! Wonderful!

Sharon, Canada

My first sleep aboard Nemo is something I will remember forever. You made this trip very special. It is clear how much thought, effort and care you put into everything you do. I wish you both every success with BlueFoot Travel and I hope we meet again and get to sail together on Nemo.

Sarah, Canada

Thank you so much for taking us on an unforgettable adventure! I really appreciate all the extra effort you put into every detail. Nemo is a beautiful yacht and you make a great team! I hope our paths cross again soon, and in the meantime happy sailing!

Lucyanna, Canada

I loved my 10 day experience on Nemo! From great food, hands-on practice at the helm and figuring out what to do with all those ropes was amazing! I had lots of fun adventures, thank you.

Graham, Italy

Thank you for a memorable sail through some beautiful seas. The last ten days have by so quickly that I think Einstein got it wrong - sailing at 5 knots in Nemo makes time warp and pass quickly - not travelling at the speed of light….The fantastic food, great company and sailing instruction made this a great holiday.

Laura & Tim, USA

Thank you so much for our wonderful trip around several islands of the Caribe. Your expertise made it a great adventure and you are both wonderful hosts. Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you in the Caribbean for another trip soon.

Frank & Gill, UK

What a brilliant time we had! All thanks to the hard work and personal attention of Neil and Sam, who have been perfect hosts, skippers, tour guides, teachers and cooks. We have had some wonderful sailing days where two landlubbers learnt new skills in basic crew, paddle boarding and kayaking! The food has been superb and many thanks for tailoring meals to meet coeliac dietary requirements - we could not have asked for more. A perfect holiday, perfectly arranged and managed. Thank you!

Michael, USA

Thank you Neil and Sam for a great mini break in St Martin. Nemo’s layout is wonderful for relaxing on, and the food on board and ashore was really great. I enjoyed jumping off the back of the boat for a swim with the toys and just luxuriating!

Bob & Barbara, UK

We had a lovely holiday with Sam and Neil that brought to us the delights of Antigua and Barbuda. We sailed to Barbuda and all around Antigua visiting beautiful coves and golden sand beaches under the excellent skippering of Neil. Use of their kayak and paddle board provided lots of fun above the water and their snorkelling kit provided plenty of opportunities to visit the underwater paradise of coral. Throughout we enjoyed 5* dining on board thanks to Sam’s amazing cooking and thanks to both their local knowledge we dined on shore at restaurants that provided excellent local cuisine within the wonderful ambience of the Caribbean culture. Thanks for a wonderful holiday, we look forward to the next time.

Don, USA

I had a great time on my sailing trip with Neil and Sam. The sailing was excellent with Neil by my side, and the meals on board Nemo prepared by Sam were wonderful and when we went ashore the restaurant selection was excellent. This is my first trip with BlueFoot Travel and I look forward to joining them again.